Friday, July 25, 2008

Freedom Investing which works

Investing for Freedom

The most important decision you can make, as an advocate for freedom, is how you invest. You have probably been operating under the assumption money as a tool for change comes in the form of donations. This is  incorrect. 

While many projects for freedom cannot be expected to build markets or generate a monetary profit many products now approaching the market have the power to reframe all existing markets in ways which support local governance, individual rights, and the Constitution.   

Your investments are the peaceful means which can move the world. They are more important than donating to think tanks, politicians or any single issue.

Here is why.

Most of the propositions offered to you as profitable ways to preserve and increase your capital are extremely flawed. They can yield profits in the short term, but not profits to advance the causes you, as a proponent for freedom, support. 

You make money now, in your battle for temporary survival – but you, and all of us, lose the war.

The right kind of investment extends a future for individual rights and local control while making a profit. At the same time these investments can begin the process of reframing the how all humanity operates. These investments move your capital toward a very different paradigm in economics and all human action.

Investing in freedom, investing, not donating, moves us toward the values and principles of our Founders. Step by step you can see how they change the world around us.

Now, we talk about Deep Green Future Investments

I don't need to tell you just how much infrastructure is failing today. In a growing number of states bridges, highways, dams, culverts, and overpasses are so badly deteriorated they are a danger to the people using them. 25% of the infrastructure in California is estimated to be in just this condition.

The root causes of this are an establishment more interested in immediate profits and a continuing round of rebuilding and the previous lack of materials which make this unnecessary.Planned obsolescence in infrastructure is at least as old as it is in housing.  

The Deep Green Future Investment for Freedom changes this cycle.

Materials exist today which can change this planned obsolescence. It has been difficult getting these materials past the process of approval simply because they present a very different future and begin turning off the spigot of greed.

We show you how each investment works, sometimes incrementally, to solve the larger problems we are facing today on this site and elsewhere.

Let's start with G-Rock as an example.

Using G-Rock restores infrastructure, public and private. Using this material we can produce homes which last over a thousands years with little or no upkeep, producing products which will remain in use for long after we are all dust.

G-Rock is only one of the investments we recommend. G-Rock will also become the basis for a constellation of other products.

Watch the G-Rockvideo. Imagine a world where your home can shelter your family for generations, easily altered but standing firm against the forces of nature and the elements. The cost of living drops, freeing your time for the things which matter most. 

Imagine bridges which are still standing, functional and safe, as the clock ticks off the year 3000.  

How we cut the umbilicus of the energy grid, how we bank, how we ensure our health. These are all things in which you can invest.

Look at Deep Green Dallas – Presented by MacPherson Investment Group

This investment changes the envelopes of homes, lowers the cost of energy for those purchasing the homes, and provides a platform for the next step.  A solar system which also powers your automobile.  

Imagine, and invest.